About MIC

With over 25 years of experience, Mechanical Ingenuity Corp. supplies complete products, circuit board assembly, injection molding, transformers, and provides engineering and design services for a wide range of businesses worldwide. Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to corporate facilities management companies to homeowners. We also offer our new product line of T8 LED retrofit tubes with no invisible flicker and Highbay LED replacements. As industry experts, we posses innovative specialty in working with LED lighting, PREVAC, circuit board assembly, and pump controls & alarms.

When you work with MIC, you’ll get:

  • Adaptability to meet your specific project needs
  • Innovative solutions to your design & engineering issues
  • Quality products built to withstand your workload demands
  • Competitive pricing for our products & services
  • Responsive service dedicated to meeting project deadlines
Circuit Board Engineering & Design | LED Lamps
New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Orlando

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